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Da Voodoo Doctor is In (Advice 5c)

A Farewell to Shoes
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A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

Last week, I bid farewell to shoes, and I don't mean I got rid of my beloved Fleuvogs. Dysmorphia went troll. Casual troll. Serious casual troll.

I've been raiding on my shaman for about two months, and figured I could move over the druid without it being a big deal to play a bit with a group of people I'd met in real life. But like some character from an Ancient Greek drama, I discovered my feelings though my actions, rather than acting out of my feelings.

I wasn't having fun raiding with my guild any more, but I kept doing it anyway, out of loyalty. But I didn't admit to myself that it wasn't fun, or that I had a choice and could go play somewhere else. I was raiding in bad faith. In the moments I admitted that it wasn't fun, kept thinking that if I just stick it out, things will get better, will go back to how they used to be.

Then I got da voodoo and had a good time. And then I knew I hadn't been having fun, and I could have fun right now, not in some nebulous future.


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