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Da Voodoo Doctor is In (Advice 5c)

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Excerpt from today's Darrowmere Herald Tribune Daily Globe
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After years of unrelenting QQing from its backwood denizens, Darrowmere has been opened to transfers. Will Alliance-side finally get enough population so that Darrowmerians of both factions will have a chance to win Wintergrasp occasionally? Is the appeal of logging on without a queue enough to counterbalance the unfortunate fact that even at 80 most Darrowmere Alliance are scrubs?

Mouth-breathing keyboard-turner Dysmorphia, a resto druid famous for once quipping on tradechat that her love was not BoP, attempted to entice transfers with the following offer in her comment on Wowinsider today:

When you come over, mention this post and I'll give you the Wowinsder discount on Enchants and a free [Tasty Cupcake]. Toon name same as poster name. Also: yes, I will heal your heroic run. Welcome to Drammamere!

We hope she'll extend the same offer to livejournal readers.


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