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Da Voodoo Doctor is In (Advice 5c)

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It Burns, Like the Moon


Moonkin is awesome right now.  Resto is not so awesome.  I was going to write a whole lot of stuff about how challenging and interesting resto is, what with the smart use of Clearcasting procs and blah blah blah.  You know what, no.  Healing as a resto druid right now is not fun for me right now.    Perhaps for some people who really like their leisure to be difficult or whose skill is higher than mine, it might be fun.  For me the stress to enjoyment level just isn't right. 

Resto druids lost tree form.  Moonkins actually got new spells.  Resto druids now depend on doling out heals with clearcasting porcs.  Moonkins went from being RNG dependant to having a predictable Eclipse mechanic that allows smart players to plan ahead their damage.  Resto druids used to be mobile and now must stay rooted in place and chain-cast nourish.  Moonkins used to be useless on movement fights.  Now we can conserve our Eclipse and even get a special buff from running around.  

I accept there might only be enough fun to go around for 3 of the 4 druid specs.  Now the fun is in moonkin. 

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