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Da Voodoo Doctor is In (Advice 5c)

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It Burns, Like the Moon


Moonkin is awesome right now.  Resto is not so awesome.  I was going to write a whole lot of stuff about how challenging and interesting resto is, what with the smart use of Clearcasting procs and blah blah blah.  You know what, no.  Healing as a resto druid right now is not fun for me right now.    Perhaps for some people who really like their leisure to be difficult or whose skill is higher than mine, it might be fun.  For me the stress to enjoyment level just isn't right. 

Resto druids lost tree form.  Moonkins actually got new spells.  Resto druids now depend on doling out heals with clearcasting porcs.  Moonkins went from being RNG dependant to having a predictable Eclipse mechanic that allows smart players to plan ahead their damage.  Resto druids used to be mobile and now must stay rooted in place and chain-cast nourish.  Moonkins used to be useless on movement fights.  Now we can conserve our Eclipse and even get a special buff from running around.  

I accept there might only be enough fun to go around for 3 of the 4 druid specs.  Now the fun is in moonkin. 

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I've been thinking a lot about Cata healing in general. My druid's been 85 for about a week, and I've been running heroics through RDF. My pally's only 81, and my shaman's only 83. The poor priest has been languishing at 80 for a while.

I think the key thing is this -- playing a healer used to feel like playing a GOD because you could heal any group through anything, if you tried hard enough. DPS has a fatal attraction to fire? Tank likes to pull the entire room and then not keep aggro? Mage has more hitpoints than the tank? It's OK, super healer saves the day!

That is, sadly, no longer the case. Regardless of which class I'm playing, if people want to be idiots, it's a wipe. If players don't know how to spellsteal, interrupt, strafe out of fire, pop cooldowns, do more DPS at 85 than others were at 80... The list goes on. Facepull a second trash pack? Wipe. Fail to interrupt the giant heal on the boss? Wipe (from OOM). Fail to interrupt the giant spellcast on the tank? Dead tank, and shortly thereafter, wipe.

The problem (and why it's not as much fun to play a healing class anymore) is that Wrath made players *expect* healers to heal through their idiocy. Particularly DPSers -- "what do you mean, I have to move from the black stuff that's ticking for 20k a second? You should just heal through it." So all their ineptitude becomes the healer's fault, for not miraculously saving them from their own idiocy.

Any heroic boss fight, executed correctly, leaves me at about 50% mana at the end (assuming I pop Innervate at the right time). If I'm OOM before the boss is dead, it's usually crummy DPS. If people stand in stuff or fail at mechanics, the group ends up dying pretty quick.

I just wish I knew how to change the way people think about dungeons and mechanics. It's every player's responsibility to know a fight going in, now. Explaining the fights over and over again gets tiring, but even then, I prefer those who fess up to not knowing the fight, rather than keeping mum and wiping the group. I find myself getting mad at players who haven't read up on the fights, much like I used to get mad at raiders who did the same for raids.

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