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Da Voodoo Doctor is In (Advice 5c)

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Raid UI Revised Again
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The movie-making endavour has pushed me to mess with my UI again, so that any movies I take with the UI showing don't embarass me too terribly in the future. There are still some redundant elements, but it is mostly satisfactory. This is my resto UI. I have a somewhat different UI for moonkin

Click on the image to see the tags which identify UI elements.

Visible Addons:

Satrina Buff Frames
Skada damage meter
Pitbull4 Unit Frames
Dominoes (action bars)
OmniCC (puts countdown on buttons)
Tidy Plates with Threat Plates
PowerAuras Classic
Quartz Cast Bar
ForteExorcist (cooldown bar)
Vuhdo (raid frames)
Chinchilla (minimap mod)
Deadly Boss Mod

Tip Tac (better tooltips)
Clique (click casting)
Bagnon (bag mod)


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